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SnuggleBun™- Baby Bear Wrap

‘’Bought this as a baby shower gift and the expectant mother was thrilled. I was very pleased with it. It's very soft and lined. The fact that it's a swaddle blanket means it's easy to wrap the baby up - no zippers, no snaps. I just bought another one for a new niece. Totally recommended I will probably buy some more for my sister that expects her 5th child.’'

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Taking a baby on an outdoor expedition may be a difficult and exhausting experience for anyone. Especially while dealing with a cold climate and not having access to suitable baby protection that will aid in the maintenance of the body's temperature. This could cause the baby's body temperature to drop, resulting in hypothermia and, in most cases, ruining the wonderful outdoor adventure.

SnuggleBun™ features an ultra-soft baby wrap that mimics the mother's womb and keeps the baby's body temperature stable. SnuggleBun™ uses a hook and loop mechanism with specific pouches to hold the newborn's body within it while leaving only the baby's face exposed for better breathing. Enjoy the comfort of a warm infant while embarking on the very first excursion together.

🦊 Cocoon Structure:It features a cocoon design that fully surrounds the baby’s body resembling the mother's womb. SnuggleBun provides a constant sensation of security and paternal presence, which reassures the bay's tranquility.

🦊 Adaptive Smoothness: SnuggleBun has a 100% organic cotton interior that gets softer and smoother with each wash. It creates a comfy and smooth environment for the baby's fragile skin.

🦊 Temperature ControlThe exterior is made of a fluffy polyester covering that offers extra puffiness around the infant. Snugglebun guarantees that the baby's body temperature is consistently maintained regardless of the environment.

🦊 Adaptive Usage: Snugglebun includes specific pouches that lock into place with the baby's body and prevent any coordinated movement. It allows for a more adaptable and effortless feeding or sleeping routine.

🦊 Baby Bear Appearance: Snugglebun is available in 4 distinct color schemes for the baby's bear appearance. It provides the most appealing and adorable appearance for the baby's first photo with the family.




We understand how exhausting it can be to deal with the planning and protection of a baby during a journey. It can be very energy and focus-oriented to constantly check if the baby's body temperature is well preserved without any success. According to doctors, newborns lose heat nearly 4 times faster than adults. Even in a warm environment, young bodies may not be equipped to regulate their own temperature.

With SnuggleBun™ take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer face issues with the baby's body temperature or demanding preparation when being on a trip. SnuggleBun™ protects more than just the body temperature, it offers a soft, easy-to-use, warm design that assists by providing a cold-free life. Enjoy the delight of a relaxed and easy parenting life while swaddling the baby "bear".


Product Specifications

Age Range: 0-12 months old

Material: Cotton / Fleece / Polyester

Weight : 0..44-0.55kg / 15.52oz-1lb



Package Contents:

(1) SnuggleBun


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