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LeviZen™- Levitating Decorative Plant Stand

"I was looking for a flexible, personal, and useful addition to my computer and home office setup. It took me a while to find something to watch that is both interesting and calming. After a three-month hunt, I located the missing piece to my collection. YES, FOLKS And the thing is  LeviZen! After I placed a real plant inside and started levitating it, I have to tell you: this thing is FREAKING fantastic. With this new office design, I can't wait to get to work or the next gaming session.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Luke Evans

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Working for lengthy amounts of time at a monotonous desk with no plants can reduce productivity. Even more so when there is nothing encouraging there, like a comforting plant that lights the whole area. Lacking such an atmosphere can put anyone in a bad mood, which in turn can reduce motivation and focus.

LeviZen™ features a revolutionary floating planter that adds a minimal and calming touch to any office setting. Levizen  is used by filling the pot with the necessary weight, placing it in the center of the base, and plugging it into the electricity.  Indulge in the convenience and effectiveness of a uniquely illuminated environment.


🦊 Automatic Rotation: LeviZen's™ flying pot features an autonomous spinning system. It improves the presentation of any chosen plant.

🦊 Magnetic Levitation: It has a magnetic levitation technology that elevates the plant base 3.5 inches above the ground. LeviZen™ offers a captivating and calming experience. 

🦊 Quick Use: There are three major components to the assembly process. LeviZen™ is ready to use in about 3 minutes after being plugged into a power source.

🦊 Perdurable Materials: LeviZen™ is totally constructed of ABS components. Materials made of ABS have a high-durability and can be used for up to 20 years without needing replacement.






We realize how draining it is to constantly work in a monotonous and unappealing environment that provides no inspiration. It can be incredibly irritating to constantly push oneself to complete a task while not feeling good about yourself. According to a recent study, having plants in the office has been shown to improve air quality, increase attention span, improve creativity, lower stress, and stabilize mood by 78%.

With LeviZen™ take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer face issues with frustrating and counterproductive desk setups. Levizen™ offers more than just a decorative accent, it provides a minimal, calming, and long lasting design that aids in creating the ideal fruitful circumstances. Feel the peace and fulfillment that come with a tailored made space.



 Materials: ABS

Size:  195mm X 30mm / 7.67in X 1.18in

Levitation Weight ( Optimal Use): 0-250g / 0-8.8oz

Levitation Gap: 10mm-15mm / 0.39in-0.59

Adapter Type (based on option): EU, UK, USA, AU, CA




(1)LeviZen base

(1) Power supply

(1) LeviZen plant stand


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