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Kitters™- AntiScratch Furniture Socks

‘’ Kids are the most wonderful thing in the world but sometimes can be kind of harsh especially when it comes to pushing or pulling our kitchen’s chairs and scratching our wooden floor, I was looking for a long-term solution and then I found these reasonable cats paw socks for chairs. In the beginning, I thought they would do nothing or it will be destroyed but let me tell you this product surprised me with how good it is and how efficiently prevents scratching on the floor while my kids are pushing the chairs and it’s also cute. Absolutely recommended if you have small kids or elderly people that have a hard time lifting the furniture or sensitive floors at your house.’’

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐-Kim White

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One of the most common ways for a floor to get scratched is by having heavy objects dragged across. Pushing a chair out from the kitchen’s table or having little children that are unable to lift a piece of furniture across the floor can create deep scratches. This may necessitate costly, time-consuming upgrades that distract from the property's appeal, prompting the homeowner to stress and worry about terrible happenings.

Kitters features an extraordinary sock-shaped cover that effectively protects the floor and reduces indoor noise. Each piece is utilized by being attached to any furniture leg in order to surround it and prevent the friction that will cause distortion on any wooden, bamboo, or tile floor. Experience the joy of a soundproof and scratchproof house knowing that the floor is always protected.



🦊 Versatile Elasticity: Kitters is made of two pure polyester fiber layers for added suppleness.This structure fits into any squared or oval-shaped furniture leg with no installation or furniture selection issues.

🦊 Effortless Wash: Kitter's'™ polyester structure allows for both hand and machine washing. Polyester textiles may be washed over and again without leaving any residue.

🦊 Anti-Slip Protection: Kitters structure enables the reduction of slippage when applied.Enjoy the elimination of any potential fall on any type of furniture that is used on.

🦊 Contemporary Design: Kitters come in 4 different cat-shaped designs for cat lovers and 4 minimal textured color combinations. It enables adaptability and complements any possible domestic environment.


We understand how frustrating is for a person to deal with the detriments caused daily by dragging any furniture across the floor. It can be very costly to find efficient solutions to restore the shape of the floor. According to case studies, the average cost of replacing a floor can vary between $680-$1200 making it a very difficult decision for households.

With Kitters™, we can take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer face issues with scratched floors or noisy furniture movement. Kitters protects more than just your floor or house it offers a cheap, efficient, and beautiful solution that will assist you by providing a carefree life. Enjoy the joy of a scratch and boisterous proof daily used house.



Product Specifications:

Package Contents:

(16) pieces of Kitters


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