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FaceMeUp™ - Interactive Expression Puzzle Game


“It's a great time for people of all ages to play this emoji game. This was a hit with my grandsons, aged 5 and 9, for Christmas. The whole family had a great time taking turns playing for hours. Due to the high level of enjoyment it provided, this quickly became everyone's go-to activity. It's fantastic, and I urge you to BUY it!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Carmela O’brian

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The majority of young kids nowadays are totally consumed by the digitized environment that is accessible all around them. Extensive screen time limits the cognitive and mental growth of any kid. This results in a delay in learning or social skills and most commonly affects the family relationship and bondage between the family members, leading to frustration.

FaceMeUp is an interactive puzzle game that uses a variety of facial expression emojis that must be formed in accordance with the card drawn, thereby improving any child's cognitive development. FaceMeUp is played by drawing one card with a facial expression for each round and having to complete the facial expression as quickly as possible while hitting the bell first to finish the round. Experience the joy of a happy child playing while establishing stronger family bonds.


🦊 Cognitive Skills Boost: FaceMeUp™ requires a high level of interaction from children in order to function effectively. This action improves and facilitates the development of young children's eye-to-body functionality and performance.

🦊 Color Awareness: It provides any child with a variety of color combinations through its structure. FaceMeUp increases a child's color awareness, which improves overall motor skills and memory development.

🦊 Endless Joy: FaceMeUp acquires 64 cute emoticons on the directive cards. Each expression is unique and interesting, which quickly arouses any child's interest and passion for play.

🦊 Kid-Friendly Materials: The blocks are made of eco-friendly wood and non-toxic water-based paint. FaceMeUp offers the safest possible playing option for any child without exposing it to any danger.


🦊 Travel Friendly: FaceMeUp features a compact size that can fit in any bag. It is available to serve any child regardless of location or circumstance.



 1) Mix all cards and position them on the table

2) Each person chooses a specific color of blocks

3) Draw a card and Quickly create the showing expression on the card

4) May the best Win!


We understand how tough it is to witness a young child’s constant exposure to a smartphone, tablet, or game console. It can be exhausting for a parent to continually cope with their child’s robotic conduct when they want to interact with them but are absorbed and unaware of their surroundings. Doctors believe that excessive screen time might impair a child’s capacity to watch and experience the usual everyday activities that they need to engage in in order to learn about the world.

With FaceMeUp™, take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer have to deal with difficulties like excessive screen exposure or tunnel vision of the child. FaceMeUp promotes not just a child's overall development, it offers an interactive, colorful, and smart design that aids by encouraging a positive and pleasurable playing experience. Enjoy a young child’s healthy and productive mental and spiritual development while making more memories.





Package Contents

 (1) Iron Box

(64) Expression Cards

(16) Cubicals

(1) Ring



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