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SockIt™- Socks Laundry & Organization Tool

‘’I got this organizer for myself because I kept losing all of my socks inside the infinite mouth of my washing machine. SockIt is the perfect tool that combines efficiency and practicality via its structure that enables you to efficiently store every pair of your socks throw them inside the washer and afterward hang them in order to dry them out. I have never thought that such a simple product would be a no-brainer everyday tool. Definitely, a value-for-money purchase, and I am planning or getting 3-4 more for myself and my family. Thumbs up to Fox Efficiency!’’

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - David Smith

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Washing clothes is a very repetitive and energy-consuming task notably when most of the clothes are gone missing. Clothes can go missing inside the washing machine and most often are stuck in the agitator or get stuck in the pump as a result of overloading. This can result in the inefficient functioning of the machine leaving the clothes unhygienic and most commonly losing a favorite pair of socks or underwear while organizing the closet.

SockIt™ highlights an ultra-durable PP material rope with multiple holders that offer a brainless and missing-proof washing and drying user experience without damaging the inner pieces of the machines. SockIt™ is used by attaching any size or kind of socks between the holders and throwing it inside the washing or drying machine and afterward hanging it inside the closet. Experience the serenity of hustle and attention-free sorting, matching, and using of socks and other underwear.

🦊 Washing & Drying Friendly: Designed from polymer materials that minimize the friction and impact inside the drum. SockIt™ offers a detrimental and discoloring free usage inside the drum of any type of washing or drying machine.

🦊 Residue-Free Rope: Featuring a PP+ textile rope material enabling long-term endurance and sustainability. Prevents the creation of residue no matter the usage of chemicals, acquiring a lasting lifespan without contaminating any washing&drying machine.

🦊 Active Adaptability: Presenting 10 individual locking dots that can actively adjust to the size & type of any pair of socks. Securitizing the firm positioning of any pair easily prevents the loss of any pair from a hungry washing machine.

🦊 Kid’s Accessible: SockIt’s™ featherless design is usable & funny for young kids that want to contribute and help their parents during laundry day.Participating in laundry teaches kids to be independent and responsible for their own tasks and needs.

🦊 Playful Colors: Features 5 vibrant colors, whale blue, lime green, lava orange, and bitter black. The playfulness of the color will turn any bland laundry date into a matching and sorting game for any kid and parent by creating a unique bonding experience.





We understand how torturous is for a person to deal with an inefficient laundry procedure while battling a hungry washing machine. It can be very energy and focus-consuming to constantly try to find the missing pair of socks without any success. According to a recent study, the average person loses 1,264 socks in the wash in their lifetime. That works out to16 pairs a year or about 3,200$ worth of socks.

With SockIt™ take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer face issues with damaged washing machines, missing pairs of socks, or pricey new pairs. SockIt™ protects more than just a pair of socks, it offers a sturdy, versatile, and kid’s accessible design that assists by providing a complete socks life. Enjoy the brainless and frustration-free daily laundry and cloth organizing life.


Material: Plastic

Item Weight: 65g

Items Length: 70cm / 27.55in



(2) Light SockIt

(4) Normal SockIt

(8) Mega SockIt

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