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PawMat™- Absorbing Cat Litter Mat

''I purchased two of these mats to go underneath my cat’s litter box. They are designed exactly as I had pictured in my mind. My cat had a habit of getting litter all over the floor but now it gets trapped in the holes on the mats cutting down on cleanup tremendously. I am very satisfied with the overall look, functionality, and price. Thanks for a great product!''

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Gloria Moon

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Cats have a natural need to conceal their feces in order to avoid being discovered by predators. Many cats appear to enjoy doing their job and either throwing rubbish outside their litter box or carrying it on their paws when they get out. This behavior creates a litter-filled environment packed with hazardous microbes and bacteria that can severely devastate a person's health.

PawMat™ features an amazing honeycomb structure that absorbs any litter that comes out of the box or becomes trapped on the cat's paws through its holes. Pawmat is placed outside the cat's litter box entrance to avoid the buildup and spread of thrown litter. Feel the cleanliness and hygiene of a home while being surrounded by a joyful pet.

🦊 HoneyComb Design: Pawmat is composed of cells that quickly absorb any litter that falls out of the box or gets stuck between the cat's paws. This makes it easy to change out the litter, saves time, and cuts the cost of sand in half.

🦊 Cat-Friendly Elasticity: PawMat is made of shockproof EVA materials with great elasticity. It provides a pleasant, shockproof, and pet-friendly use without putting any strain on the cat's paws.

🦊 Waterproof Layering: Pawmat  presents a thick waterproof base layer that prevents water and urine from leaking to the floor. When the sand runs out, it can be used as a backup toilet for any cat 


🦊 Rapid Cleaning: The Pawmat has a quick drying and cleaning design. After extended use, it can be washed and dried in approximately 25 minutes.





We understand how distressing it is for a person to have kitty litter all over the living area. Attempting to clean your cat's litter without a final solution can be time and energy draining. Cats, according to doctors, can transmit toxoplasma through their faces, requiring weeks or months of therapy and even in some cases radical hospitalization.

With Pawmat take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer face issues with widespread litter, contaminated areas or repetitive cleaning procedures. Pawmat protects more than just a floor, it offers a sturdy versatile and efficient design that will assist you by providing a carefree life. Enjoy the restoration and preservation of the relationship between yourself and your beloved cat.



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