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PawFlow™- Hanging Macrame Cat Bed

‘’This macrame basket, PawFlow, was just what I'd been searching for for a long time. Basket and feather toy have become favorites for my two kittens. As soon as you touch it, you'll see that it's of really good quality. One of the nicest things I've ever bought for my adorable cats. PawFlow is an excellent product, and I want to purchase more of it in the future.’’

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Margaret Franco

✅ Verified Foxie

Cats have a natural desire to leap up on tall furniture inside the house, generating numerous problems. This innate behavior arises from the pet's predatory drive to establish itself on a higher level, providing it with a sense of authority over its environment while being violent toward it. This repeating practice can generate persistent unease and agitation which has a negative impact on their behavior and psychology toward their environment and owners.

The PawFlow™ is an ultra-durable macrame hanging framework that allows any cat to sit on while still providing a sense of control and safety. PawFlow™ is hung by hooking the upper half of its structure and placing a soft pillow inside the double-layered ring.  Enjoy the peace and quiet of a contented pet while surrounded by a safe and peaceful atmosphere.

🦊 Top Notch Craftmanship: Pawflow™ is a one-of-a-kind macrame hanging base that is fully made by hand. Regardless of the cat's size, it has a
solid anddurable design that lasts up to 20 years of use.

🦊 Boundless Sturdiness: It has an ergonomic structure with a center balance. PawFlow™ prevents the cat from overswinging and the frightening event of such a careful animal.


🦊 Cat-Friendly Pillow: The pillow that comes with PawFlow™ is made entirely of velvet, making it both luxurious and cat-friendly. Providing a safe and comfortable place for any cat to rest their paws.

🦊 Safety Rings:  An improved safety ring is provided to protect the animal's body. Pawflow™ prevents pets from falling over while they sleep or play.

🦊 Cat Game: Pawflow has an over-the-head hanging ball or feather. It focuses the cat's attention and has a varied entertaining design.




A) Pass the metal hook inside the macrame hook

B) Choose the designated area where you will place the PawFlow™

C) Enjoy the wonderful view of a happy cat inside the house



We understand how difficult it is to deal with the escalating detriments created by a loving pet. It might be incredibly exhausting to constantly try to keep the cat away from high locations with little result. According to veterinarians, 45% of cats suffer from depression and anxiety, which can lead to severely destructive behavior that impacts their relationship with their owners and their surroundings.

With PawFlow™ take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer face issues with uneased and stormy domestic environments. PawFlow™ preserves more than just the pet's behavioral instincts, it offers a handmade, versatile, and minimal design that aids in providing a carefree life. Take in the sight of a peaceful and well-protected cat with its own dedicated territory.



Materials:Macrame, Velvet

 Length: 120cm / 47in

Diameter: 40cm / 16in

Recommended Cat Weight: 4.5-6kg / 10 -13.5lbs





(1)Metal Hook

(1)Random Feather or Ball Game


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