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Paw Guard™- Sofa's Cat Protector

‘’ As a cat owner I have this problem when it comes to my little Teemon, no matter what cat tower or scratchboard I bought, he keeps scratching on different furniture inside my house, he even destroyed my leather sofa. I even asked my vet for a different solution but she informed me that cats behave this way because they want to mark their territory and they produce pheromones from their paws in order to do so. But this nightmare ended when I saw this beautiful scratchpad that could protect most of my furniture and let my little lion mark his territory. Now I can be relieved when I leave the house or when I have guests around that there will be no damage. Definitely, a must-have item totally efficient’’

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It is known that cats have a natural tendency to scratch multiple things inside the house causing multiple damages. This natural instinct derives from the pet’s instinct to mark his/her territory both visually and with the scent glands on their paws according to vets. This repetitive behavior can cause a lot of damage to furniture, drapes, and carpeting when cats live most of their lives domestically.

The PawGuard™ highlights an ultra-durable sisal structure format that allows any cat to scratch on it countless times without causing any damage or distortion to any sofa or furniture. PawGuard™ is installed above the webbing bridge and around the foot of the couch in order to surround and protect the arms of the couch. Experience the serenity of a happy pet while every couch is always being protected.

🦊  Hidden Pockets: PawGuard is designed with hidden pockets that enable the storing of all kinds of items such as phones, tablets, glasses, and books. Hidden Pockets offer the perfect space management and time-saving solution for any daily used space.

🦊  Easy-Fit Velcro: Originated with an easy-to-fit design with the technology of velcro providing endurance and withstanding the pull of over 10kg / 22.04lbs. This way the total procedure of assembling takes under 5 minutes saving precious time and energy.

🦊  Incorruptible Durability: PawGuard features a scratch-proof sisal mat that is extremely durable as its tight weaves guard it against damage. Sisal establishes a stunningly natural and textured aesthetic with a lifespan of over 7 years.

🦊  Color Adaptability: PawGuard comes in 3 minimal color palettes grey, black and brown that will fit in any color variation of any living room. These simplistic colors can blend or adapt with every urban, rural, or seaside house.




We understand how torturous is for a person to deal with the progressive detriments on the furniture caused by their beloved pet. It can be very energy-consuming to constantly try to correct your pet's behavior without any significant results. A recent study showed that the average cost of a couch in the US is $1978 at best making most households think twice before moving to such a heavy investment.

With PawGuard, take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer face issues with scratched furniture, destroyed couches, and pricey furniture purchasing. PawGuard™  protects more than just a couch or a piece of furniture, it offers a sturdy, versatile and minimal design that aids by providing a carefree life. Enjoy the restoration and preservation of the relationship between a happy cat and a guarded sofa.



Product Specifications

Type 1: 40.5 x 51 cm / 15.94 x 20.07 inch
Type 2 : 50 x 80 cm / 19.68 x 31.49 inch
Type 3: 128.54 x 45 cm / 50.39 X 17.71 inch



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