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LuLuhood™ - Women's Full Face Beanie Apparel

"Instead of beanies, I've always wanted a unique piece of winter clothing that would keep me warm and add some style to my outfit." Keep in mind that most mass-produced winter jackets don't cover your head, so you have to dress like an onion to stay warm. I felt like I needed Luluhood the most. You can pull the soft, warm hood over your face to protect yourself from the cold. Excellent find and quality, and I would recommend it to others.”


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -Lucy Webster

✅ Verified Foxie


The winter season is really difficult for any woman out there. Especially after spending hours perfecting an outfit for a long-awaited outing, only to realize that a simple beanie completely ruins the whole look. This situation results in an unpleasant appearance, which frequently leads to feelings of self-doubt and can ruin any special occasion.

Luluhood™ has a knitted full face windproof cover that totally shields the wearer's face while retaining heat. Luluhood™ can be worn in 2 ways, the first is as a hooded beanie protecting the head, and the second is by unraveling the underlying face mask for added cold protection. Enjoy the serenity of a well awaited outing while remaining warm.



🦊 Warmth Preservation: LuLuhood™ is constructed with a beautiful woolen lining and polymer components. This allows for the maintenance of warmth even in extreme temperatures.

🦊 Skin Friendly Materials: The interior of the form is lined with a delicate and luxuriously smooth cloth. LuLuhood™ soothes irritation that builds up with continuous use.

🦊 Adaptive Use: LuLuhood's™ design incorporates a full-face mask. The mask underneath encourages quick adaptation to changing conditions and provides insulation.

🦊 Contemporary Style:The overall design exudes a modern and great winter aesthetic. LuLuhood™ enhances confidence and provides styling options for each occasion.

🦊 Joyful Colors:  LuLuhood™ comes in black, grey, and brown, all of which are the primary color options. These hues go with anything and may be worn by everyone.



We realize how hard it can be to strive to achieve the right look for any social occasion while facing the cold weather. It can be exhausting to constantly seek to exhibit your distinct style and then be dissatisfied with your decisions and the reactions of others. According to psychologists, 55% of people who are unhappy with the way they look in social situations develop harmful self-talk, low self-esteem, and isolationist behavioral habits.

With Luluhood™ take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer face issues with looking like a pile of clothes or missing the perfect outing day. Luluhood™ improves more than just the body's warmth, it provides a adaptable, contemporary and sustainable solution that assist in creating an enjoyable daily life. Experience the serenity of a well preserved temperature while enjoying an outing.




LuLuhood™ Height:  35cm - 13.77in

LuLuhood™ Depth: 29cm - 11.41in

LuLuhood™ Weight: 0.23kg - 0.50 lbs

LuLuhood™ Colors: Black, Grey, Brown




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