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Klimanest™- Ultra Portable 3-seasonal Sleeping Bag

‘’For my family's use, I bought three of them. We were planning a road trip to Yellowstone, so we needed something light and portable. These were a resounding success. Their combined volume is less than that of an average duvet. We wore layers because the temperature dropped to 37 degrees Fahrenheit (about 3 degrees Celsius) at night. That was the key to unlocking the barrier. Temperatures dipped into the upper 40s at night, but we were fine in our sleeping bags.’’

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Stephan Chapman

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Organizing an adventure away from home can quickly become a space management nightmare. Notably when hurrying to choose the appropriate goods that will not take up much room and will aid in resting. This time-sensitive experience causes ongoing aggravation and anxiety, and it frequently leads to overpacking and forgetting the correct item.

Klimanest™ features a waterproof space-saving sleeping bag that folds down to the size of a water bottle and eliminates the need for space management. Klimanest is used by unraveling the entire two-sided bag and sleeping in it, then wrapping it back up to its original size. Discover the convenience and space-saving benefits of a small sleeping bag stress-free.

🦊 Ultra-Light Design: Klimanest™ has a simple ergonomic structure that allows it to wrap around itself to the size of a water bottle. It provides an extremely portable and one-of-a-kind space-saving and travel-friendly combo.

🦊 Smooth Feeling: Premium TC cotton is used to construct the inner lining of the sleeping bag. After a long, exhausting day outdoors, Klimanest™ gives the finest possible restorative sleep and resting user experience.

🦊 Boundless Durability: Klimanest's™ exterior structure is made out of 240T pongee cloth. This type of fabric is exceptionally durable and wear-resistant with a lifespan of up to 12 years.

🦊 Weather-Resistant Shell: The outer shell is constructed of water-resistant nylon 20d. Klimanest™ provides a waterproof and dry environment that keeps its user warm over three different seasons.

🦊 2-Way Zipper: Klimanest™ includes a two-way slider on both sides. The two-way zipper gives a smooth, consistent anti-pinch user experience that does not get stuck.

🦊 Exquisite Appearance: It is available in three different color combinations: olive oil, navy blue, and chocolate brown. Klimanest complements and suits every adventurer's overall appearance and vitality.

We understand how frustrating it is to deal with space management when planning a nice camping trip. It can be tiring to continually try to arrange your space and pack only the most essential camping items. According to data, 56% of people have space concerns, and 32% are unhappy with the size of their sleeping bags.

With Klimanest™ take a deep breath and sigh of relief to no longer have to deal with unpleasant preparations or forgetting the right supplies for the outdoor journey. Klimanest™ improves more than just a simple camping experience it delivers a space-efficient, versatile and 3-seasonal structure that aids in the creation of a carefree camping lifestyle. Enjoy the thinkless use of the Jack of all Sleeping bags during a camping trip.



Materials: Cotton, Plastic, 210T

Weight: 680g / 1.49lb



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