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Helix™- All in one Cleaning Kit

‘’Unfortunately, I am one of those people who can make a candle out of their own earwax, and every time I use my AirPods, they become uncomfortable because they are full of earwax. When I see friends or people I work with, I'm upset and afraid they'll notice that my AirPods are full. This is the best way to clean AirPods or any other kind of earphones. The pointy end won't make a hole in the earpiece. It's simple to use and small enough to fit in my bag. I feel good about myself when I clean my AirPods every day.’

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Jameson Weber

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There are over 1.6 billion computer and headphone users in the world operating daily their AirPods, Earbuds, and keyboards. This circadian utilization leads to the accumulation of earwax, dirt, dust, and hair inside the headphones’ sound and microphone output and under the keycaps of the keyboard. In the near future, this may steer to the compilation of sebum that can cause allergic reactions, rashes, and in most cases distort the efficiency of your workflow and social image.

Helix is a multi-purpose cleaning brush with a detachable head that assists in the gentle cleaning of any sensitive area of the AirPods, earbuds, and keyboard. The Helix has two applications. The first is to use the bristle brush to clean the underside of the keyboard, and the second is to utilize all of the tiny micro tools and brushes to clean any form of airpod, earbud, or rechargable case. Enjoy the feeling of power and control over a clean, everyday thing that allows you to be productive, confident, and efficient.

🦊 Pen & Brush: Helix is equipped with a metal pen tip for resistant dust and a high density brush for sound outputs. These instruments can easily remove even the most stubborn stains.

🦊 Flocking Sponge: Helix flocking sponge cleans the wireless charging shell of the earphones without scratching or damaging it. The sponge restores the earphones or AirPods case to pristine condition.

🦊 Delicate Brushing: Helix™ obtains a three-row brush with intermediate softness and stiffness for trapping dust and filth under keyboard keys. This lowers friction between the brush and the keyboard's delicate parts, allowing safe use.

🦊 Effortless Removal: Helix emphasizes a simple keycaps puller that can easily remove the keyboard's keys. The removal of keycaps can be straightforward, quick, and painless, with no risk of damaging the keyboard's underlying panel.

🦊 Travel Buddy: Helix disassembles into five sections that can be cleaned and rebuilt into a single object. With on-the-go cleaning, this is the ideal travel or carrying companion.




A) Wrong use: Hold the top flocking sponge or metal pen tip and pull it down.

B) Correct Use: Hold the top flocking sponge or metal pen tip and pull it down while rotating. 



We understand how self-conscious we can feel when we aren't completely happy with how clean we are, especially when it comes to things we use every day that can have a negative effect on our appearance and overall productivity. It's frustrating to see your things get dirty, especially when other people are around, and it's even worse if this gives people a bad impression of you. A recent psychological study found that people who clean their personal items can increase their overall productivity, motivation, and efficiency by 76%.

With Helix take a deep breath and sigh with relief as to no longer have to deal with filthy AirPods, Earbuds, or full-of-hair keyboards, as well as doubtful thoughts regarding productivity, efficiency, or social image. Helix cleans more than just a keyboard or a pair of AirPods, it provides a superior, adaptable, and minimum collection of tools that will assist in ensuring a dirt-free electronic everyday life. Experience the cleansed daily products to increase and restore self-performance.


Product Specification

Colors: Lava Red / Space Grey / Black&Gold

Materials: ABS/Nylon/ Bamboo Charcoal

Size: 150x80x28mm / 5.90x3.14x1.1in


Package Contents:

(1) Helix


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