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Deskfriend™- 3 In 1 Laptop Sleeve Workstation

‘’This makes me a mobile worker. It's comfy enough to use for hours. My 15" laptop fits well. The extra sleeve pocket lets me store my mouse efficiently. My laptop  won't overheat. This works well as a flat writing surface for journaling and adult coloring books. The smooth surface may help teachers grade papers. A full-build laptop workstation lets me utilize this on lengthy road trips. Very recommended—I want to buy one for my husband to travel all summer.’’


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Veronica Parker

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Many people use a laptop all the time when it is supposed to be used for a short period of time. The constant use of a laptop causes one to lift the shoulders for a better typing position or hunch the shoulders and neck for a better viewing angle. This can lead to chronic pains, strains, and injuries and most commonly create a state of emotional distancing from the passion to achieve any goal.

DeskFriend™ features an all-in-one adaptable and ergonomic architecture that transforms from a laptop sleeve case to a full workstation, allowing comfortable and pain-free usage. Deskfriend™ is utilized upside-down by turning it over and opening the integrated laptop stand while using the outer side of the case as a mousepad. Experience the thrill of a pain-free and adaptable daily laptop operating like a workstation.

🦊 Transformational Design: The structure features an embedded laptop stand on the backside of the sleeve. Deskfriend™ transforms itself at any moment or place eliminating the need for carrying extra components.

🦊 Pain-Free Usability: Deskfriend's ingenious engineering raises the viewing angle of the laptop to 90°. This viewing angle enhances comfort by preventing neck and back pain after extended hours of work.

🦊 EDC Mousepad: It is equipped with an integrated mousepad just by spreading the sleeve’s cover from the opposite side. Deskfriend demolishes the need to carry extra accessories by protecting the mouse’s bottom from scratches.

🦊 Build to Last: The exterior presents a waterproof and scratchproof hardcover while acquiring the softest and finest woolen interior. Deskfriend guarantees full protection of the precious electronics located inside.

🦊 Environmental Friendly: Deskfriend is made from high-quality PU leather and fiberglass. These materials promote and contribute to the environmental protection and sustainability of the future.

🦊 Heat Dissipation Protection: The pedestal support allows more space for the fans of the laptop enabling better airflow. Deskfriend prevents any laptop from having an unpleasant overheating feel while being used.

🦊 Voguish Colors: Deskfriend comes in 5 different color variants, Bitter Black, Royal Blue, Cinnamon Brown, Cadium Green, and Ruby Crimson. These contemporary colors fit and adapt to each and every type of environment whether its a casual, professional, or techish.



We understand that for most people using a laptop is an integral part of their daily lives. It can be very harsh and inefficient trying to achieve your goals while being besieged by the physical pain caused by the uncomfortable use of the laptop.According to the Journal of Craniovertebral Junction and Spine more than 80% of people using laptops for more than 4h complain of back, wrist, shoulder, and neck pain.

With DeskFriend™, take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer face issues with back, wrist, neck, and shoulders pain from extended hours in front of the laptop while being unmotivated. DeskFriend™ prevents more than just pain in your body, it offers a sturdy, versatile, and minimal laptop sleeve case that can turn into a portable workstation assisting and helping in becoming more productive, efficient, and pain-free during work. Reclaim the comfort and efficiency for conquering any task or goal.



Product Specifications

11-12 inch Deskfriend : 31 x 21.2 cm /  12.20 x 8.34 in

13 - 14 inch Deskfriend  : 34 x 25 cm /  13.38 x 9.84 in

15 - 15.6 inch Deskfriend : 37.5 x 27.3 cm / 14.76 x 10.74 in



Package Contents

 (1) DeskFriend

(1) mouse pouch 

(1) extra pouch for general storing



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