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Cogito™- Anti-Theft Travelling Scarf

"Honestly, this is the best purchase I've ever made! The blue scarf is mine. The color is beautiful, and the material is quite soft and cozy. A long voyage from Florida to Alaska necessitated its use. I was able to wrap it around my neck when I became overheated. The zipper was incorporated into the fabric, making it nearly undetectable. It's an excellent piece of work. In addition to those that travel, I would recommend it to those who use it on a daily basis. I'm going to order a variety of colors. "

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Traveling, whether domestically or internationally, is a very focused and energy-consuming activity. Especially when becoming the prime target for any attentive thief looking to take advantage of the tourist's lack of focus while exploring. This can result in the loss of any money, important items, or critical documents, as well as a sense of vulnerability and dread while facing the destruction of the long-awaited travel experience.

Cogito™ is an infinity-style scarf with a secret pocket for keeping frequently used travel essentials and preventing theft attempts. It is worn by twice wrapping it around the neck and opening the fabric ripple to reveal a concealed pocket that can hold anything. Enjoy the peace and satisfaction of a spectacular traveling experience worry-free.


🦊 Anti-Theft Pocket: Cogito™ obtains a concealed pocket for storing any form of phone, wallet, passport, or precious object. It allows for quick and easy access to the required item while minimizing the risk of theft.

🦊 Seasonal Adaptiveness: Cotton is the only fabric that is used for the innermost tiers. The structure of Cogito™ allows for an extraordinary degree of breathability that can adapt to any cold or hot weather condition.

🦊 Timeless Durability: The outside construction of Cogito™ is made of polyester layers. Cogito can withstand up to 11 years of travel and memory-making.

🦊 Unisex Appearance: The color options come in five various color schemes: blue, black, grey, and beige. Cogito™ provides a unisex appearance that any traveling couple can achieve.


We recognize that traveling to a new location and experiencing it can be a time-consuming and energy-intensive endeavor. It is extremely unpleasant to constantly check on personal goods while attempting to enjoy the beauty of a new trip or monument. According to studies, 35% of people report losing an item when traveling, while 12% report losing multiple valuable items while traveling.

With Cogito™ take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer face issues with focus-oriented traveling or cunning pickpockets. Cogito™ prevents more than just a looting, it offers a smart, adaptive and anti-tamper design that aids by offering a pleasurable traveling experience. Enjoy the tranquility of a fascinating new destination while always feeling secure.




Size: 30cm x 90cm / 11.81in x 35.43in

Materials: Polyester, Cotton



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