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Catono™- Anti Bite Cat Mask

"My cat Max is difficult and time-consuming to care for. I constantly neglect to cut his nails because he bites me during our wrestling battle. I asked my doctor about alternatives, but she stated most cats are afraid during the procedure and become aggressive trying to escape. Finally, I found a mask that protected my hands without hurting the cat. I can relax while trimming my cat's claws. Thanks for providing this fantastic solution."


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Rena Lewis

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Most cats are nervous and defensive during nail trimming, treatment, and bath time. The pet's instincts work harder, causing it to bite too much and act aggressively. This situation creates a tremendous sense of hopelessness for any person and, more typically, a sense of disappointing the cat.

Catono™ features a helmet that is extremely sturdy and ventilated, which helps any cat remain composed and resistant. Catono™ is utilized by releasing the Velcro on the collar and then wrapping it around the neck. Feel the calm of a pleased cat while performing any caring work.

🦊 Safe Usage: Catono's™ structure is blunt, which prevents potential harm during abrupt moves. This type of structure provides the most secure experience when used on the cat's head.

🦊 Breathable Ventilation: The face mask has more than 10 openings to allow the cat to breathe easily. Catono™ provides a calming and beneficial structure that protects any pet from hypoxia or hyperventilation.

🦊 Transparent View: By default, the mask was created with a translucent material. Catono™ calms the animal, allowing the cutting operation to proceed more smoothly.

🦊 Effortless Installation: Catono™ consists of two basic components: a mask and a velcro collar that simply unfolds and fits over the cat's head. This velcro collar allows for rapid mask installation in under 2 minutes.

🦊 Pet Friendly Materials: Catono™ is manufactured from high-quality PP materials. For long-term use, these materials are non-toxic and environmentally benign.




We know how hard it can be to deal with the mounting stress that results from a pet that won't listen. Getting repeatedly bitten while trying to care for you cat can be very disheartening. According to surveys, 65% of cat owners experience severe aggressiveness from their cats when attempting to treat them in multiple scenarios.

With Catono™ take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer face issues with biting or stressful trimming operations. Catono™ protects more than just the hands, it provides a breathable, pet-friendly and see through design that assists in providing a hustle-free life. Experience the rehabilitation and preservation of the bond between a joyful kitty and safe hands.











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