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BonFire™- Deployable Fuel Free Camping Stove

‘’ The primary reason I purchased this stove is for heating water to make soup or re-hydrating freeze-dried meals while out on all-day, mountain hikes. All day - dark to dark. A nice bonus with this stove is I can make a nicely sized fire that is very well contained, yet still projects a ton of heat. Having a fire is an amazing morale booster on cold, wet, or frigid days and I think Bonfire will deliver that with ease. Compared to my liquid or gas-fueled stoves, with Bonfire, I don't need to mess around with liquid fuel or worry about canisters running out. So in reality compared to my other stoves this is the best purchase by far. Go ahead adventurous people buy it and you won't regret it.’’

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Going out for a camping adventure and having to carry different kinds of gas tanks for the stoves can turn into an unpleasant, time-consuming, and space management nightmare. In most circumstances, there is cause for concern about any gas tank leaking, which could lead to the emergence of a potentially hazardous situation. This focus-oriented procedure can repel away any type of relaxation and connection with nature while decompressing from urban daily life.

Bonfire™ is composed entirely of titanium, allowing it to survive the roughest conditions without fear of being destroyed or damaged. Bonfire is built into a little rectangular pyramid-shaped metal pillar that you fill with combustible natural materials that can be ignited and kindled into a gas-free fire. Enjoy the convenience and space-saving benefits of a tiny stove while connecting with the gorgeous surroundings.

🦊 Perdurable Endurance: Bonfire is made of titanium, which can withstand severe temperatures, making it incredibly dependable. Titanium is the material of choice for equipment that can endure up to 20 years.

🦊 Illimitable Mouth: Bonfire™ has a wide-open mouth that allows one to simply add fresh wood or sticks to keep the fire blazing indefinitely. Natural gas saves a significant amount of money over purchasing expensive gas & propane tanks.

🦊 Paramount Portability: Bonfire folds down to the size of a standard hand and fits comfortably into a backpack or a tiny pocket. This size establishes the essence of space-saving and space management, allowing it to be taken anywhere without adding weight or space.

🦊 Omniversal Platform: Bonfire has an open flat base on top that can fit practically any peripheral gadget that can aid anyone in cooking or boiling. With the bonfire's top flat base being unrestricted, cross-use of current peripherals is feasible.





We understand how stressful it can be to cope with space management while preparing to leave on a relaxing camping trip. It can be exhausting to constantly try to organize your space and bring only the most required goods for camping. According to recent statistical research, roughly 3000 propane fires and explosions are reported each year, with more than 10% of these cases resulting in bodily injury and more than 7% resulting in death.

With Bonfire™  take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer face issues with leaking gas tanks, space management challenges, or overpacking hassles. Bonfire™  improves more than simply a camping experience, it provides a long-lasting, portable, and gas-free option that will help in living a more enjoyable camping life. Enjoy creating and preserving a relaxing camping experience with friends and family.



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Package Contents:

(1) Bonfire

(1) Transportation Case


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