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Atmos Pro™ - Volcanic Aroma Diffuser

" My job has been tough and challenging in the past three months, and I've always thought crap about it, having zero tolerance for things and usually being in a foul mood, making it hard for me to sleep. I saw a humidifier on Facebook that promised to make me feel better, so I bought it. After a month of using it, I felt relaxed, was able to relieve pressure, and established a good sleeping routine. Every night, I filled Atmos with my favorite lemon oil, and after 5 minutes of staring at its effect, I fell asleep. A great buy! Fox Efficiency's crew and support are great. Totally recommended, guys!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Adelaide Fisher

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The stresses of daily life are progressively putting a strain on most people. This accumulating tension is a result of the absence of a soothing and comforting personal environment. Long-term anxiety leads to skin problems, emotional changes, and, most typically, disrupted sleep patterns.

Atmos Pro™ features two diffusing styles for essential oil use, which helps to create a pleasing and relaxing atmosphere in any environment. Atmos Pro™ is used by removing the top lid and filling it with water, followed by 3-5 drops of the preferred oil, and it is ready to use as an active volcano. Experience the tranquility of a good night's sleep surrounded by soothing aromas.

🦊 Safe Usage: Atmos Pro™ switches off automatically when the tank is empty. This ensures risk-free operation even when being asleep.

🦊 Volcanic Mods: The diffuser has two spray modes: volcano, which shoots up steam rings, and flame, which provides a continuous steaming flow. Atmos Pro, depending on the mood, creates a soothing or playful user experience.

🦊 Large Capacity: Atmos Pro™ has a water capacity of 360 ml (0.38 quarts). This allows for up to 8 hours of relaxing functionality.

🦊 Relaxing Colors: The volcano coloring is available in two color functions, blue and red. The blue hue of Atmos Pro™ promotes confidence and attention, while the red tint promotes relaxation and sleepiness.

🦊 Remote Use: Atmos Pro™ remote control features four individual buttons. Preventing the user from having to get out of bed and move closer to the screen.

🦊 Durable Materials: The whole diffuser is constructed using PP materials that are safe for the environment. Atmos Pro™ is made to last for up to 20 years without showing signs of wear and tear.




We understand that keeping up with the demands of everyday life is torturous. It can be very depressing to always try to solve problems but fail because you don't have the appropriate environment to recharge your batteries. A recent survey found that 32.6% of working adults sleep six hours or less each night, which can cause health and mental problems.

With Atmos Pro™ take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer face issues with mood changes, constant anxiety and sleep deprivation. Atmos Pro™ provides more than just an aroma diffuser, it offers a peaceful, one-of-a-kind and safe design that aids in revitalizing any environment.  Feel the restoration of everyday energy levels and a restful night's sleep.




 Materials:PP, ABS, Electronic Components

Water Tank Capacity:360ml / 12.17 fl.oz

Power Supply (depending on location):USA, UK, CA, AUS

Atomization Principle:2.4MHZ high-frequency ultrasonic

Mode Usage:Flame mode 12hrs -  Volcanic Mode 36hrs

Product Size:138mm x 108mm / 5.43in x 4.25in





(1)Power Adapter

(1)Atmos Pro™

(1)Remote Control

*Disclaimer: essential oils and batteries are not included 



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