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AquaPond™- Water Fountain For Pets

‘’This fountain has it all. Super easy to assemble, spout to pour water in the top, large water capacity, soundproof and great quality. When I took out the instructions the pictures said it all, to fill you just pour the water in the hole. The minute I turned it on Moggy and Teddy Bean had to check it out and get a drink. They were always in the sink every time I turned on the water, so now they have their own. There is just something about running water that cats like. I personally like the sound of water, but this one is quiet and I couldn’t hear it running. For those who like it quiet, this is the one you want.’’

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐-Gina Potter

✅ Verified Foxie

It is easily observable that cats despise the smell and taste of standing water inside their bowl. This phenomenon derives from the cat’s thick saliva getting into the water and turning it into a stale and unpleasant drinking experience. The lack of fresh water can lead to the creation of a parasite-filled water bowl which can make the pet vulnerable to illnesses leading to unnecessarily expensive vet bills.

Aquapond™ features a 2L / 0.52gal  polymer structure designed with a circulating filtration system, offering the most tasteful and healthy water consumption. Aquapond is utilized by assembling the main water fountain with the topside water bowl and faucet tube, powered by a USB adapter or power bank. Experience the joy of a happily hydrated and attention-free pet cat.


🦊 Triple-Layered Purification: The water circulation system is equipped with a 3-layered filter that prevents any type of water deterioration. AquaPond offers the most compelling and refreshing water intake experience for any cat.

🦊 Faucet & Cascade Modes: Aquapond presents faucet and cascade water supplying modes that resemble the fresh natural water streams. Running water inspires trust in every cat's instinct and preventing them from scavenging the house’s water taps.

🦊 Ergonomical Structure: Aquapond™ highlights a water bowl with a 6° slope curve. It becomes more suitable for pets to drink water by reducing the pressure on pets' cervical spine without wetting their chin.

🦊 Shinobi Pump: Aquapond™ acquires an ultra-silent pump that reaches the maximum volume of 40 dB. The pump's sound mirrors the sound level of softly speaking delivering the perfect sleeping environment for everyone.

🦊 Proficient CapacityAquapond™ comes with a 2L/0.52gal water tank. This water tank eliminates the need to replenish the water frequently and can last up to 1 week.

🦊 180° Activation Sensor: Aquapond™ comes with a 180° movement detection sensor with a radius of 3 meters / 3.28ft. The motion sensor extends the fountain's lifespan by minimizing the power consumption to 1kw per day.

🦊 Transparent Design: Aquapond is madeout of 100% transparent polymer materials. Transparency enables the owner to know when to clean or change the water filter of the Aquapond™ focus-free.




We understand how arduous is for a person to continually deal with the ceaseless deterioration of their cat’s water source. It can be very energy and time consuming to repeatedly refresh the water bowl of your cat without completely satisfying the needs and continuous search for fresh water. According to biologists and veterinarians, cats' DNA is 95.6% compatible with their ancestors that were wild animals drinking water only from rivers. Those inherited instincts tell cats that standing water inside their bowl is not safe.

With Aquapond™ take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer face issues with your cat's dirty, contaminated, and abominable water source. Aquapod™ refreshes more than just a water source, it offers an efficient, versatile, and healthy design that will assist in providing an automated life. Experience the creation of a scavenging & hustle-free life accompanied by the love of a properly hydrated pet cat.



Product Specifications

Material: Food Graded Plastic

Item Color: Fully Transparent

Maximum Capacity: 2L / 0.52gal

Product Weight: 600g / 1.32 pounds

Item Size: 15.5x15.5x16.5cm / 6.1x6.1x6.5 inch (L*W*H) 


Package Contents:

     (1-4) Filter ( depends on option)

    (1) USA, UK, EU, AUS, power adapter

 (1) Aquapond's Water Bowl

 (1) Aquapond's Water Tank

     (1) Aquapond's Water Faucet

(1) Aquapond's Filter Tray

(1) Shinobi Water Pump


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